Captain Plasma

Poster boy of the League of Heroes


Codename: Captain Plasma
Civilian name: Withheld
Status: Active (HeroCorp)
Powers: Flight, strength, invulnerability, energy projection (plasma)


Captain Plasma acquired his powers as an undergraduate research assistant at the Delta City University in 2009. He was assisting with routine testing of the prototype fusion reactor that the University had built with the help of a federal grant. During the test, [REDACTED] was alone in the control room when the reactor’s containment protocols failed. The ensuing chain reaction unleashed massive levels of radiation and scorched the core of the facility with high-energy plasma—but rather than melting down completely, the reaction somehow stabilized itself, and energy levels fell to normal.

When emergency responders entered the facility, they found [REDACTED] floating inside the reactor itself, apparently acting as some kind of heat sink for its excess energy. He remained inside the reactor while repairs to the containment coils were completed, and when he emerged he was surrounded with a nimbus of blazing light. His full range of powers became quickly apparent, and he had signed a contract with HeroCorp within a month.

Now, Captain Plasma is the figurehead of HeroCorp’s League of Heroes™. He divides his time between New York and Los Angeles.

Vital Statistics*
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 230 lb
Hair/eyes: Blond/blue
Age: 26

*From HeroCorp’s official website

Captain Plasma

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