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Delta City.

A mid-sized American city in the Pacific Northwest, Delta grew up around the intersection of the Slate River and the Caris during the first Gold Rush. In those days it prospered, growing from a blip on the route north to a wealthy trading post. But as time passed, business moved out of Delta. Boom turned to bust, and these days the city is a grimy shadow of the promise it once held. Financials, technology and real estate keep the money coming in, but outside the glitzy parts of town, Delta shows its age, its wear, and its true face.

Poverty and therefore crime are high in Delta City. And what’s worse, none of the powers that might save it—the police, the government, HeroCorp—seem inclined to try. It’s a blind spot of the country, a shadowy little backwater that isn’t worth redeeming. Flotsam and jetsam collect here, drifting in on the tides and highways alike.

And now you’re here.

Welcome to Delta.

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